Maureen Craftsman residence, DC metro area. Rill Architects.

Harbor Beach residence, Miami. W.A. Bentz Construction.

Inspirational Quotes #NewPost [3]

If you ask me 3 years ago
When I still in the secondary school
How I feel to leave my childhood
I would say

"I’m totally excited"

To see the world out there
To feel the freedom
To be independent

If you ask me the same question now
I don’t have a word to describe

How I hate to grow up
How I hate to make my own decision
How I hate to meet people out there

By hook or by crook
I need to face everything
With my own self

By hook or by crook
I need to stand
With my own feet

Please be strong
Because you’re not getting younger
To stress yourself
To enjoy your life


solehahnur :

semuanya terletak pada diri kita sendiri. kalau ramai yang memberi nasihat tetapi kita tetap juga berdiam diri tanpa ada usaha untuk mengubahnya, memang takkan ada perubahannya.

p/s : Orang lain dah tolong kita, cuma kita yang tak tolong  diri kita. 

jom ubah diri kita sedikit demi sedikit ! ^^
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